Take extra care of your teeth

Monitor your teeth at home with our smart device HammTek™



Early detection of tooth decay

This early detection allows you to promptly visit the dentist for necessary treatment, preventing the need to wait until your teeth start hurting or the caries spreads.

Smart tool HammTek™

Detects incipient teeth caries (which may not even be detected by the dentist during a preventive examination)

Uses AI (more efficient than X-rays)

Smart device with app for home-use

Possible consultations via app

Helps to maintain good dental health

No more excuses, that you don't have time for regular check-ups. With HammTek™, you know the condition of your teeth anytime and anywhere.

How it works


Our software captures and stores various parameters related to your teeth photos.


If any of these parameters change over time, the software will alert you that the condition of your teeth is changing and prompt you to see a dentist.


This feature ensures that you're always aware of changes in your dental health and helps you take necessary action before problems escalate.

Photos of your teeth (captured by Optic Trans-Illuminate technology) are analyzed by artificial intelligence (AI).

AI can identify patterns within the captured images that correspond to various oral health issues such as caries. These patterns have been taught to the AI through machine learning, using large sets of data collected from various dental checkups.

Once the AI identifies an issue, it flags this in the smart application and the user receives an alert about the detected abnormality.

We're just one step away from launching!

HammTek™ is almost ready for its market debut. Our team is hard at work putting the finishing touches to bring it to you soon.

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Our team

Jävad Maleki

Founder and CEO

Dina Nyström

Founder and the Chief Science Officer

Sanaz Naderi

Founder and Chief Quality and Regulatory Affairs Officer

Annabelle Chansler

Business Analyst/Market Strategist

Peyman Khani

Software owner

M.Reza AlahGholi

Senior Android Developer

Masud Shahraki

AI Developer

Ebrahim Mohseni

Full-Stack developer

Neda Zare

UI/UX designer

Proactivity is key when it comes to dental health. Don't wait until pain forces you to take action.

It's important to prioritize daily care of your teeth and catch cavities in their early stages. And with HammTek™ it's easy and convenient.

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